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Here are just a few of the jobs we can help you with, click the link for more information:

1. My reticulation won’t start
2. I can’t find my solenoids
3. I have a faulty solenoid
4. I have a cracked or burst pipe
5. My sprinklers aren’t popping up – water pressure problems
6. I have a fault with my wiring
7. My Controller Needs to be Replaced
8. My sprinklers are broken and leaking

reticulation repairs perthMy Reticulation won’t start

If your reticulation system simply won’t turn on, it could be one of 3 likely causes.

  1. The reticulation controller needs to be replaced
  2. The wire between the reticulation controller and master solenoid valve is broken or corroded
  3. The master solenoid valve is malfunctioning

Perth summer’s are very hot and dry, the only thing worse than a sprinkler or station not turning on is the entire retic system not working, putting all of your lawn and garden beds at risk.

When you need a professional reticulation serviceman and you need one quickly, we are the best choice. Perth Reticulation Services will have your system up and running again in no time and while we are at it we can give your system a full health check and replace and broken, faulty or incorrect sprinklers ensuring perfect coverage for your beautiful lawn and garden beds.

Don’t know where your solenoids are? No problem, we have the latest technology in wire tracing and solenoid locating equipment and will be able to find your lost and hidden solenoid valves.

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Reticulation Repairs PerthI can’t find my solenoid valves

It’s a common problem we come across that people don’t know where their solenoid valves are. Whether you’ve bought a house that has an existing reticulation system installed, or your lawn has grown over the solenoids and you can’t find them, we can help!

We use the latest technology in solenoid detection which takes the guess work out of locating solenoid valves and tracing reticulation wires.

We are one of the few reticulation companies in Perth that use specialised wire tracking equipment. We can trace wires underground without having dig trenches through your garden to follow the wires. Using our wire tracking equipment we are able to find hidden solenoids and broken wires quickly and efficiently.

When you have a malfunctioning solenoid valve that either doesn’t turn on or is sticking on throughout the entire cycle, we take the guess work out of locating the problematic valve. Sometimes valves are as clear as day sticking out of your lawn or garden bed but often they can be hidden underneath the ground and nearly impossible to locate without the correct tools.

If you have a reticulation solenoid valve that needs to be found, put your shovel and gardening gloves away and call us now to schedule your appointment – 0437 755 653

Reticulation Repairs PerthI have a faulty solenoid valve

Do you have a reticulation station that is stuck on? Or perhaps it won’t turn on? Both are problems, if one particular station remains on for the duration of a watering cycle then the other stations run at reduced pressure. This means the water doesn’t spread as far on the other stations causing dry spots on lawns or plants that don’t get adequate water to be healthy and beautiful through the hot Perth summer.

You’ve come to the right place for reticulation repairs. We are experts when it comes to repairing and replacing solenoids. We use only the best quality materials that are designed to last for years and have the track record to prove it.

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I have a cracked or burst pipe

Reticulation Repairs PerthLeaking pipes can be fiddly to fix and if fixed incorrectly, can continue to give you ongoing trouble. With bad leaks, the water pressure of your entire system can be lowered so much that the sprinklers don’t throw water as they should creating dry patches on your lawn or killing expensive plants.

Perth Reticulation Services can efficiently fix leaks, broken pipes, and incorrectly glued pvc joints while you put your feet up and relax. Leave the hard work to the experts.

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My sprinklers aren’t popping up – water pressure problems

Reticulation Repairs PerthIf your sprinklers aren’t popping up due to low pressure, the cause could be one of several things:

  1. A Solenoid Valve isn’t opening fully
  2. The flow control adjuster is turned down
  3. There’s a leak or broken pipe somewhere in the system
  4. The WaterCorp has turned down the water pressure in your suburb
  5. The sprinkler nozzles installed are incorrect for the water pressure on your property
  6. Some of the sprinklers are leaking from the seals and there isn’t an adequate build up of pressure in the system to pop the sprinklers up

Whatever the cause, we can help! At Perth Reticulation Services we can advise you on the correct sprinklers for your system change out incorrect sprinkler nozzles, replace broken sprinklers, repair leaking joints and of course, replace faulty solenoids.

Reticulation Repairs – No job is too big or too small, call us now to schedule us in to ensure your garden and lawn remain beautiful and hydrated throughout this summer – 0437 755 653

Reticulation Repairs – I have a fault with my wiring

Reticulation Repairs PerthRetic wiring faults are common and difficult to diagnose without the right knowledge and experience. Especially with houses more than about 15 years old, wires can be damaged from corrosion, tree roots snapping wires, or the wires stop working simply from being the incorrect wire for the reticulation system.

Another common cause of reticulation systems stopping working properly is wires running through lawns and garden beds at a shallow depth without adequate protection. Older systems often had individual wires run out to each solenoid, these days we use what’s called a multicore which is a group of several wires held together by outer insulation so it looks like just one wire.

The multicore insulation provides extra protection but if we need to run the wires through a garden bed or under your lawn we ensure it is either in a conduit or is placed underneath a pvc water pipe for even more protection from shovels and other gardening equipment.

Do you suspect a retic wiring fault? Call us at Perth Reticulation Services today to schedule in your appointment – 0437 755 653

My Controller Needs Replacing

Reticulation Repairs PerthControllers do fail from time to time unfortunately and do need reticulation repairs. There are different qualities when it comes to retic controllers, the 2 we recommend are the;

  • Hunter X-Core which comes with a 2 year warranty; and the
  • Rainmaster Pro469 which comes with a 5 year warranty.

But if you are looking for top of the line and high-tech, then you can’t beat the

  • Hydrawise

The Hydrawise controller connects to your wifi and can be controlled remotely by your smartphone. Even if you are overseas and you see on the news that Perth is having a heatwave, you can increase the watering times for each station from the other side of the world. If it’s raining, the Hydrawise gets it’s weather information from your closest weather station and knows not to run your sprinklers if there’s adequate rain to water your lawn and gardens

If your garden is a little smaller and simpler then we can install a battery operated tap timer which attaches to your garden tap.

Whatever your needs reticulation needs are, we can help. Call us now to schedule your appointment 0437 755 653

My sprinklers are broken and leaking

Reticulation Repairs PerthYou just discovered you have a broken sprinkler head and water is gushing out onto your lawn – now what? Be sure to shut off your sprinkler system to prevent flooding and wasted water, and call the professionals for Reticulation Repairs Perth.

We are very knowledgeable when it comes to reticulation repairs. With years of experience, we are proud to be helping homeowners and commercial property owners solve their reticulation problems in the Perth metropolitan area.

Within our sprinkler repair services, we:

  • Fix or replace leaking or broken sprinkler heads
  • Clean and replace blocked sprinkler heads
  • Cap off unwanted sprinklers
  • Adjust poor spray patterns & wasted water

Whatever your needs reticulation needs are, we can help.
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