Worried about what’s involved with irrigation sprinkler system design and reticulation installation?

The design and installation of your new reticulation system is absolutely critical.

Can you imagine building a new house and getting the foundations or the plumbing wrong? How many times have you watched the reality TV renovation shows and seen them have to start again from scratch due to cutting corners to save time and money, or using inferior materials?

Well reticulation installation is equally as important and you’ll need to trust an expert to do the work for you.

Perth Reticulation Installation

There are the four key areas that require complete expertise and skill:

1. Design

We focus on the design and layout of your new system, it’s not just a case of lying a few pipes underground.

For your garden to be healthy, lush and hydrated in our hot climate, we’ll need to consider a range of important issues:

  • Water pressure, the required coverage.
  • The type of plants you need to service, where they will be planted and their future growth size.
  • The type of grass, it’s exposure to the sun, your soil and it’s ability to retain water.
  • Over hanging trees, falling leaves and potential root impact.

2. Only The Best Materials

We’ve all witnessed sprinklers having a mind of their own, or the system deciding to wake you up at 3am!

The most common reason for these issues are the materials that were originally used.

That 50% off special from the well known hardware store doesn’t seem quite so special now.

With a large number of competing hardware suppliers you can rely on us to only use premium materials that will ‘last’ and stand the test of time. We only use the best sprinklers, the best valves, controllers and pipe glue that suit the design required.

3. Installation

Reticulation installation is a big project and an investment. Having made that decision you’ll be wanting the perfect garden or lawn so the last thing you would expect is to pull up half your lawn a year or two later to fix a problem.

We’ll ensure that everything is done correctly, with attention to detail, no corners are cut and we’ll fully explain the technical side, safe with the knowledge that you’ve made a sensible investment.

4. Servicing and Warranty

When you see that tradesmen’s ute disappear down the road you want to know that they’ll come back the moment there’s any issue and that there’s no hidden small print.

We honour all warranties and make a point of ensuring timely check ups and servicing so that your new system will last for years to come.

Honesty, transparency and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Call us today and let’s discuss how I can guide you through the whole process.